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Does your IT department embrace new technology and new business opportunities?

There is a lot of hidden potential regarding what role your CIO and IT department could take about how to create value for the business. The last year we have seen remarkable development of key technology and solutions that really change the game plan for your business. Big data and analytics, Mobile solutions, eCRM and eSCM, Internet of things, User Interactions and Social media. We are all living in a rapidly changing world where we as users have drastically changed our behavior and mindsets regarding how to embrace technology and share information. We are online everywhere and always, we order things from China in the same way as we earlier did with the familiar local e-stores and we use social media for education and competence development.

With all this knowledge and experiences from using technology in your private life it is a waste not using this for reshape and rethink your business. Too many IS/IT strategies are still focusing on supporting internal operations instead of thinking about being the catalyst for embrace new technologies for creating new business for the future. In many cases companies lack arenas where long term business development meet technology evaluation.

We think that the CIO together with their business has to adress this white spot, imagine all new scenarios for digital business and create an environment where they encourage future business development as a teamwork between business and IT roles. To make this happen, the CIO must show leadership and insight helping their organizations change their mindset to what’s possible when combining Business and Technology to go digital.

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